When it comes to buying used electronics, it’s more complicated than just reading the descriptions to figure out what to buy. Most of the time, electronics are expensive and must be checked off on several lists before they can be purchased. These lists are twice as long when you buy a used iPhone online.

Buying a used iPhone online doesn’t have to be difficult. Before you decide to buy something, you can ask the seller about several things.

Purchase receipt:

Ask the seller for a copy of the original receipt, either electronically or on paper. The receipt will tell you two important things: who owned the item before you and how the warranty is doing. Once you have the iPhone receipt, check to see if the name or ID of the seller matches the person who bought the iPhone and the date it was purchased.

IMEI Number:

The IMEI or the International Mobile Equipment Identity) will let you know if the specs of the device match the official receipt. Ensure the seller checks this number from your iphones’ settings. You could also tell them to dial *#06# to get their unique IMEI number. Also, you can use IMEI.info to check the mobile device’s country, network, system version, warranty, and other specifications.

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The authenticity of the parts:

Ask the seller if the device has ever been fixed before and if it was done by an Apple-authorized service provider if you want to make sure it is real. If a device is fixed in a place that isn’t authorized, the parts may no longer be real.

Touch Testing:

Next, check to see if both the buttons and the screen work. Ask the salesperson to press every physical button on a live demonstration while you watch what the iPhone does. Then, ask the seller to show you how to swipe, zoom, and tap with your hands.

Camera Testing:

Aside from ensuring the iPhone’s camera has no cracks, it’s also essential to ensure it works well. Third-party repair shops have been known to switch out original iPhone camera parts for ones that Apple doesn’t make.

Speaker Testing:

Some of the most common signs that an iPhone has been damaged by water are speakers that don’t work. Have the online seller turn the iPhone’s volume all the way up to see how well the speakers work. Then, make a quick call or text to see if there is any static in the sound. You could also ask them to listen to music and change the volume during the test.

The other mandatory things that require checking to include the following:

  • Port Testing
  • Battery Testing
  • Microphone Testing

Final Thoughts:

Even though Apple products can last for years, many iPhone owners need to take better care of their devices. If you want to get a good deal on a used iPhone, you should be extra careful before you pay the seller. You should always try and buy used devices you have seen and tried out in person. This will make it less likely that someone will use a “bait and switch,” and it can also help prevent shipping damage.

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