Apple’s iPhones are costly. But there are avenues where you can try and save money on iPhone if you are on a tight budget. Here are some suggestions.

Pick a smaller phone:

iPhones that are bigger and have more storage space cost more. If you choose the basic model instead of the one with extra features, you can save a lot of money.

Buy an older model:

One of the best times to buy an iPhone is in September or October, when new models are usually released, and older ones are sold at a discount. When a new iPhone comes out, there are usually a lot of old iPhones on the used tech market, which drives prices down.

Wait for promotions:

During the holiday shopping season, especially around Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, cell phone carriers and stores that sell electronics have some of their best deals on iPhones. For example, Best Buy’s Black Friday sale for 2019 included discounts of up to $500 on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro with qualified trade-in and activation on certain networks. Fall is a great time to save money but look for deals all year.

Choose a plan to pay:

If you buy a phone instead of leasing it, you can sell it or trade it and use the money from that to buy a new one. But if you can’t pay for the whole thing at once or don’t want to, you could pay for your iPhone in monthly instalments.

Apple and all major carriers have their ways of paying for things every month. Some contracts let you switch to a new phone after a certain amount of time or after you’ve paid off a certain percentage of the phone’s price. An upgrade plan might be best if you always buy a new iPhone every year. Shop around to find the best carrier or payment plan for you.

Buy an older iPhone

Buy an iPhone

You can buy a used iPhone:

Refurbished or used phones often have a terrible reputation, but if you buy them from a reliable seller, they can be reliable and inexpensive.

“Used doesn’t always mean that the function isn’t as good”- Ben Edwards, CEO of Swappa, a marketplace for used technology, says that a well-maintained phone with a previous owner will still have a substantial life left in it.

Before buying from a third-party reseller, verify the device’s compatibility with your carrier, as well as whether or not it is damaged, stolen, or still covered by a service agreement.

Give away or sell your old phone:

You can sell or trade-in your old device if you don’t need it as a backup. You might get some gift cards, a few hundred dollars in cash, or credit that you can use to buy a new iPhone. Edwards says you’ll usually get more money if you sell a phone instead of trading it in, but it may be more trouble.


Because the iPhone is so valuable, you probably won’t find a great deal on it. Even so, you don’t have to pay the full price. Using one or more of these tips can save money on your next iPhone without sacrificing quality. In addition, you should know how to keep your new iPhone running at its best once you get it.


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