The rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone 15 are no exception to the high anticipation surrounding Apple’s annual iPhone update. Apple strives to push the boundaries of technology and design with each new model. Some of the most prominent rumors and expectations regarding the iPhone 15 are as follows:

Four Variants:

There are expected to be four variants of the iPhone 15, similar to the lineup of the iPhone 14. These variants may include the standard model, the larger Plus model, and the premium Pro and Pro Max models. It is expected that the differences in features and capabilities between the two models will be significant, making the Pro variants of these devices particularly appealing to individuals seeking top-quality performance.

Display Changes:

The iPhone 15 lineup features Dynamic Island technology across all models, which is one of the most talked-about changes. This technology, previously available only on high-end models, is expected to eliminate the notch and create a more immersive display experience. A sleeker and bezel-less design with improved screen-to-body ratio is expected to be available for users.

Common Charging Standard:

Apple is expected to make a significant change for all iPhone 15 models by adopting USB Type-C ports in compliance with European Union regulations. In this change, Apple will stop using proprietary Lightning connectors, which will allow users to charge their iPhones, iPads, and Macs with a standard charging cable. The goal is to enhance user convenience as well as reduce electronic waste.

Design Continuity:

Despite Apple’s tendency to introduce refinements in design with each new iPhone, the iPhone 15 will resemble the iPhone 14. However, minor tweaks and improvements should enhance the overall user experience. This design continuity ensures familiarity while incorporating new technologies.

Promotion and Always-On Displays:

The iPhone 15 Pro version is expected to have ProMotion displays and always-on displays. Always-on displays provide quick access to essential information without waking the device fully, while smooth scrolling and responsive touch interactions are available. Users seeking advanced functionality and superior performance are likely to benefit from these features.

Vibrant Color Options:

Apple may introduce six vibrant color choices for the iPhone 15: blue, coral, white, black, green, and yellow. This extensive color palette allows users to personalize their devices.

Exclusive Features for Pro Models:

A number of the most innovative features are reserved for Pros and Pro Maxes. With these enhancements, users will prioritize premium aesthetics and performance in the iPhone 15, including thinner, curvier bezels and perhaps frosted back glass.

Innovative Case Materials:

A suede-like fabric is rumored to replace traditional leather cases, offering a unique tactile experience. Leaked images suggest a repositioning of the volume and power buttons, as well as the introduction of a programmable ‘Action’ button. This could allow for new ways to interact with the device.

No TouchID Yet:

Apple has not announced whether TouchID will be integrated into the iPhone 15, despite rumors of its development under-display or on a future model. 2025 is the potential release date for TouchID.

MFi Certification:

Only official accessories registered with Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program will be supported by Apple to ensure accessory compatibility. It is believed that Foxconn is already making MFi-certified accessories such as EarPods and cables that meet Apple’s quality standards.

Advanced Camera Module:

Ming-Chin Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, has indicated that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will feature 48-megapixel cameras, the same as those used in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This indicates a continued focus on improving camera capabilities, including enhanced photography and video recording features.


The iPhone 15 will likely introduce several notable changes at iPhoneWholesale, including a common charging standard, enhanced display features, exclusive features for Pro models, and new case materials. In addition to design continuity, Apple is likely to incorporate new technologies and features to meet user demands. As with any rumors, it’s essential to await Apple’s official statement for the most accurate and reliable info about the iPhone 15.